The Final Countdown

Every term, my housemates and I have the same conversation: “is it really the last week of term already?”, “where’s the time gone?”, “what’s the bar theme this week?” and this morning was no exception. As the days count down to the Easter holiday, there’s more of a sense of dread than relief this year as dissy hand ins are just around the corner. The atmosphere in the library has changed as students are building up to the most important deadline of the year, and those with extensions due to trial work are smugly sipping their lattes whilst the rest are downing their 5th expresso in the 24 hour room. I am one of the former, with an extra two weeks grace thanks to the unavoidable delay lambing put on my trial, but I too can’t escape the stress as my final assignment of the year is due tomorrow – something I should probably be working on right now. But in true Pipa fashion I am practicing my procrastination skills, something I have become quite a master of over the past 4 years, and have chosen today to start my blog.

English was never my strongpoint at school and I’m not someone you would describe as tech savvy, but sharing my experiences of agriculture is something I’ve wanted to do since my university placement year, where I spent most of my mornings teaching school children about farming and being shocked by how little they had already been taught. But farming isn’t exactly a main feature in the daily news and so unless you live in the farming community, its not something you particularly know about.

This got me thinking about what I will no longer know about when I leave the university community. As a final year Agric, I have the opportunity to hear about the latest experiments, speech to researchers and meet leading people in industry, all of which most farmers don’t get to do when they enter the world of work.

So I thought I’d blog about my time as an agriculture student. I’m sure this can be classed as revision right?

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